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About our Labrador Puppies


Mojito Avalanche Rescuse DogAs one of the top Labrador breeders in California Top Dog Retrievers our dogs are companions first.  We believe that a good companion should be attentive, intelligent, eager to please and easy to train.  These are attributes we feel all Labradors should possess and are the corner stone of our breeding program. As a result Top Dog Retriever puppies have been favored by families seeking active, trainable companions and hunters; however our dogs have many other practical and lifesaving jobs.  

Rocco Hunting BirdsOur dogs are strong and enthusiastic retrievers. Many are titled hunters as are many of the puppies we have produced. Our dogs participate in AKC hunt test, Working Certificate retriever competitions and make fantastic hunting companions.

Chaz Playing With Child
Several of our dogs are trained each year by us and a number of other service dog providers as service dogs for Autistic children, diabetic alert dogs, Seizure alert dogs and Mobility assistance dogs and Top Dog Retrievers is the sole provider of service dogs for Remedy Service Dogs.

Search And Rescues Dog Abby

Currently, a great number of our dogs are working as both volunteer and professional search and rescue dogs including helicopter avalanche rescue, urban SAR's dogs and cadaver 

Ranger And His Comrades

Our dogs have been utilized in saving lives in Iraq and Afghanistan as improvised 
explosive device detection dogs or IDD’s, locating and alerting our military of road side bombs.

Lance And Phoenix And Lance
Last but not least we train many of our dogs and dogs we have bred to work as therapy dogs. Our dogs are successful at all of these jobs and more, not only because they are intelligent but because of their desire to please. It is this desire that coined dogs “man’s best friend.”

Puppy And Baby

We are proud of the dogs we produce and the many accomplishments they have achieved. However, their love and companionship continue to be their best and most valuable contribution to our lives. As one of the top Labrador retriever breeders in California, we strive to ensure that each of our pups is well-cared for.

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More photos of our friends, colleagues and loved ones... All dogs pictured are from Top Dog Retrievers (TDR)


Brody CPA

Tumbler And Kimber

Bailey Hunting


Tumbler And Friends

Fred And Family


Nellie Belle




"Nelli" works full time as a hunting guide.
TDR's Harley and Rocco