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Puppy Training

Our "No Puppy Left Behind" training program gives your puppy a head start in life. During this 8 week program puppies are taught all of the basic obedience skills necessary to be a wonderful K-9 companion.  Training consist of teaching Here, Heel, Sit, Down, Stay, Off, Bed and Kennel as well as crate training and basic manners. The puppies will complete their DA2PPV vaccinations series here so they are able to get out and see the world as soon as you bring them home, the cost of the vaccinations are included in the program. The last two weeks of the program is customizable to your situation. "California Canines" will learn how to meet other dogs on lead, be introduced to trail walks, water (weather permitting), gun fire and ATV's.  Bird dogs will receive introduction to retrieving, wings, birds, water (weather permitting), gun fire and ATV’s. We typically start this program with puppies 8 weeks of age. Your Labrador Puppy will stay here with us until 16 weeks of age before moving to their forever home. This is one of our most popular training programs.

Scent Detection Training
We are experienced scent detection handlers and trainers. We are currently contracted with CDCR to provide imprinted Labradors for use as Narcotic Detection Canines and we are a DEA licensed training facility. We offer the same professionally bred and trained Labradors to the public and other contractors. Or if you already have a dog that needs detection training;  we offer scent imprinting, search and alert training. We teach using K-9 BSD boxes and scent walls using a toy based reward system and teach passive or active alert. We have trained dogs for Diabetic alert, Narcotic, explosive and cadaver detection for both civilian and law enforcement. Please contact us with your specific needs so we can set up a scent training program for you.  **Scent samples are to be provided by owner or will be billed in addition to the monthly training fee.

Service Dog Training
Caleb Anderson served as Director of Training and Breeding for PSD service dogs before we started our non-profit to assist children and adults in need of a service dog. We offer dogs and training for Diabetic alert, Mobility assistance, seizure alert and Autism Spectrum Disorder Service dogs. We provide both public access and task training for service dogs as well as annual evaluations and certification. We have set up a separate non-profit specifically for our services dogs to assist you in obtaining the right dog for you with the benefits of fundraising and grant assistance.Visit, a nonprofit 501c3 service dog provider founded by Caleb and Toby Anderson for more information about the service dogs and their training we provide.

Obedience Training
We offer basic obedience training for puppies and adults.  During this time your dog will learn Here, Heel, Sit, Stay, Down, Off, Bed/Mat and Kennel. Crate training will be included as well.  Basic obedience training takes an average of six weeks for dogs between the ages of 9months and 3 years old. 

Gun Dog Training
During the gun dog training program your hunting companion will learn the basics of waterfowl hunting and obedience. Upon successful completion of the training program, your hunting companion will be steady at the duck blind, retrieve a bird he has marked, deliver it to hand and learn the basic obedience skills necessary to be a hunting companion.  This program takes an average of three months; this is dependent upon how quickly your dog progresses.

Training and boarding cost is $150 a week or $600 a month for onsite training and boarding.  This fee includes training, daily exercise a high quality diet of 'Natures Domain' grain free turkey and sweet potato dog food and plenty of love and attention. *Cost of scent samples for scent detection training are charged in addition to monthly training or may be provided by dog owner. **Offsite training such as public access and some specialty search training are billed at a higher rate to cover the cost and time of transportation. Please contact us for details.

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