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Labrador Retriever Dams

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If you are looking for Labrador puppies for sale in California, you’ve come to the right place! At Top Dog Retrievers, we offer Labrador puppies that are loveable and intelligent while selectively breeding for temperament, intelligence, trainability, and orthopedic soundness.
We understand that when breeding Labrador retrievers, the quality of the dam is just as important as that of the stud! Because of this desire to produce quality litters, all of our female Labradors that we use for breeding are fully trained, AKC hunting titled (or currently competing), as well as proven hunting dogs. Just like all of the studs that we breed them with, our dams possess ALL of the qualities that we are striving for in our breeding program. This includes trainability, good looks, high desire, birdiness, and disease-free genetics.
Selective Breeding
To ensure that our puppies have the most desirable qualities from the Labrador breed, we choose only the best of the best when we decide to breed our Labrador retriever dams. We want to choose dams that will have a litter that will grow up to be used as:
·         Companions for anyone.
·         Guides for the vision impaired.
·         Cancer detectors
·         Therapy dogs for elderly and sick
·         Watch dogs for residences and business
·         Search and rescue
·         Bomb and arson detection
·         Hearing dogs for hearing impaired
·         Drug and substance detection
·         Avalanche and earthquake rescue
·         And more!
Health Guarantee
Because we are so confident in our Labrador puppies for sale, we offer a full written health guarantee on ALL of our puppies. We also include:
·         OFA
·         CERF
·         EIC
·         CNM
·         PARA
If you have any questions about our female Labrador retrievers, or the availability of our Labrador puppies, we invite you to contact us today! Because our puppies are extremely popular, we always have waiting lists—get on one of them today!