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 Labrador Retriever STUDS

Labrador LanceInt CH Merganser's
Live Strong SH, WCX.


Titled Senior Hunter

Int CH-International
Show Champion.
WCX-Working Certificate Excellent.
TD-Certified therapy dog

onfirmation Certificate

Labrador TuckThompson's Tuck MH, MNR, WCX


MH-Titled Master Hunter

MNR-Master National Retriever

WCX-Working Certificate Excellent

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 Bayou-Star Little Bear MH, QQA


MH-Titled Master Hunter

Qualified All Age
 Top Dog F-18
Making Waves


WC- Working Certificate

WCX- Working Certificate Excellent

Top Dog Rhinestone Cowboy


Self Certified
Resident Pretty Boy :)

(He's a Show Dog) 

Retired Boys 

Retried Boys
Labrador Newt    The Cptn's Way-Da-Go Shootin Newt MH


MH-Titled Master Hunter

Derby Jam

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Labrador GamblerMaster's Riverboat


SH- Titled Senior Hunter

Working Certificate Excellent

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Labrador PlunderTop Dog's Pillage
and Plunder WCX


WC-Working Certificate

Working Certificate Excellent

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Labrador TroyTroy Itchin to Go JH


JH-Titled Junior Hunter

 WC-Working Certificate

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Are you looking for more information about male and female Labrador Retrievers? As premier Labrador retriever breeders in California, Top Dog Retrievers is committed to providing only the healthiest lap puppies for sale in California.

 Information About Our Female Labrador Retrievers

Whether you are looking for your first lab puppies for sale in California, or you are adding to your pack, our puppies are some of the healthiest and purest bloodlines in North America.


Labrador retrievers are usually 21-25 inches at the shoulder. Males are typically at the higher half of that range, and females are typically in the lower half.


Weight ranges from 55-80 pounds. Males are typically on the higher half of the scale, while females are typically at the lower half.


Labrador retrievers originated from the Canadian province of Newfoundland. They were used as hunting dogs that retrieved game for hunters.

 Temperament and Personality

Labrador retrievers are one of the most popular dogs breeds in the United States because they are one of the most well-mannered and loving dogs. They have a strong desire to carry things around—which is hardwired from their history as retrievers.


Our labs for sale in California come in yellow, chocolate, black, or gray (silver). Their coloring depends on their parents.


Labs have average grooming needs. They simply needs occasional brushing to help keep the dust and dirt out of their dense coats. During their shedding season, it is important to brush your Lab everyday to help pull out their dead hair.


Labrador retrievers shed on the higher side of average. Because of their dense coats, they typically shed in the winter and summer months.

 If you have any questions about our female Labrador retrievers, or our litters, please contact us today. Our puppies are in high demand!

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