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  Looking for Labrador puppies for sale in California that are fully trained? Top Dog Retrievers has the pups for you! Each of these puppies that we have for sale are some of our best puppies! Our puppies have been exposed to trails, other dogs, and have passed basic obedience training. They are fully trained, and all you need to do is provide them with a loving home. Contact us to learn more about these puppies, and how they can be in your forever home!

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Meet Gator! He is a beautiful field bred Labrador from our 2014 breeding from Cougar and Newt. Gator is just a year old and has matured into a lovely young dog.  He is more on the mellow side, especially for having such a talented field pedigree. Both of her parents are pointing Labradors, and he may too with further training and more upland experience. He would fit in great with a loving and affectionate family, would love to retrieve balls or bird as often her family is willing and will be mellow, easy going and sweet as candy during house time. He is a great prospect for this years hunting season and will be steady deliver to hand if still here in october. 


Meet Spirit!  She is a spunky little angel from our Rally and Lance litter born 5/28/2015.  This breeding is one of our most successful crosses for our service dog program.  Like her mama Rally, Spirit is super fun-loving and a total social butterfly.  This does not take away from her trainability however, she is very obedient, loves to please and most of all be praised and told how wonderful she is!! She is a lighter fox red in color, has a beautiful expression and blocky head and splendid confirmation.  

Ruger is such a little stud muffin.  He’s a pup we kept to train from the Cedar and Tuck litter born 5/16/2015.  Like his sire Tuck, Ruger has drive, drive, drive; yet is easy to handle in the house.  Like Tuck, he mellows out nicely during obedience work and is a very obedient young pup.  He has so many wonderful qualities, but my favorite are his amazing focus and huge desire to please, even when excited about the next retrieve.  $2,650

Addy is a witty and exuberant darling girl. She has a medium-low energy level and amount of drive. She has great social attraction but at the same time is confident and independent. She loves to explore and is not afraid to get our there on her own away from the group to learn and play. She was born 4/27/2015     $2,650

Baxter is the sweet boy we kept from our 6/27/2015 litter from Phoenix and Lance.  This is one of our favorite breedings’ for our service dog program.  Like the pups we choose for our program, Baxter has great social attraction, is very confident and thrives during one on one time with us.  He has a medium low to medium energy level.  During training sessions, Baxter is quite bright.  Bax does great with our young children too.


Autumn is a sweet little cocoa snuggle muffin.  She is sooo loving and absolutely loves to play with children.  She is from our 6/6/2015 litter from Roxy and Tuck.  Like her dam and sire, she is a fabulous retriever, is more on the soft or sensitive side when it comes to pressure and will do nearly anything for praise and affection.  She has a medium energy level and level of drive, but I think that she would bump up her retrieving drive to medium-high at least if encouraged to love the game and countless special time it entails with her forever owner.  


Cooter is our pick of the litter pup from our Fall, 2014 litter from Star and Lance. Cooter is six months old, born 8/6/2014. Cooter has graduated our obedience program (heals on leash, here-recall, sit, down-lay, stay, down-stay, basic manners and crate training), LOVES to retrieve, and is very easy to handle for a mainly field bred dog. He has a medium to medium high energy level, mellows out very nicely after a quick run or retrieving session, is very, very bright and focused during training and has the more sensitive side of his sire. He would make a great companion for a active/fit family, a great option for a gentleman’s gundog, or those looking to pursue the many dog sports and advanced training options out there. This handsome guy has load of potential and a wonderful pleasing temperament.

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