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  We have trained dogs for sale!

  Looking for Labrador puppies for sale in California that are fully trained? Top Dog Retrievers has the pups for you! Each of these puppies that we have for sale are some of our best puppies! Our puppies have been exposed to trails, other dogs, and have passed basic obedience training. They are fully trained, and all you need to do is provide them with a loving home. Contact us to learn more about these puppies, and how they can be in your forever home!

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Mr. Flint

Flint has graduated from his puppy head start program and would love to be curled up next to the fire place for Christmas. Flint would make an amazing companion that has both a cuddly personality and strong retriever all in one!



Mr Colt

Colt is quite the stud! He has his dad’s good looks and mom’s stellar focus/retrieve drive. Colt is showing great promise to be a hunter or scent dog. He has an exceptional nose and relentless focus to search. He has been introduced to water, gun shots, wings, and bumpers, as well as basic obedience training!


Ms. Tilly

Tilly is from our May, 2018 litter from Splash and Lance.  Tilly is a sweet little spitfire that is full of humor during playtime.  She is always making us laugh with a silly stunt and her quick wit.  When working on her obedience she holds strong eye contact, eagerly awaiting the next command.  This smart girl is always happy to train and such a happy sweetheart.  Tilly loves to retrieve, human affection and having one and one time. 


Ms. Cedar

Cedar is our charming sweetheart from our spring, 2018 Tahiti and Tide litter.  She has completed her basic obedience and is working on her next steps in training.  Cedar is a complete sweet heart and charms the boots off most that meet her.  She is very smart little girl, loves to please, loves to train, and is a joy to be around.  Cedar loves to retrieve but is more on the mellow side. 


Mr Ranger

Ranger is out of our January, 2018 litter from Daiquiri and Hudson.  Ranger has completed basic obedience and gundog introduction training.  Ranger reminds up so much of his grandsire Lance.  He is sensitive, driven, a great team player, a great hunting partner, and a cuddly couch potato.  Ranger is affectionate, easy-going and loves to run and play with other dogs.  He is also great with kids of all ages!


Ms Acacia

Acacia is from our March, 2018 litter from Tahiti and Tide.  Acacia has a pleasing temperament and is very intelligent.  Her outstanding good looks and a zest for life remind me so much of her grandsire Newt.  Acacia would make a great birddog and would also excel as a house dog. She has completed her basic obedience and is working on her next steps in training.


Mr Spruce

Spruce is from our May, 2018 litter from Diva and Red.  Spruce is a darling boy that loves to cuddle up with children.  He is extremely respectful and attentive with young children as well as adults.  Spruce will be a sweet, loyal companion and would love to pick up birds on the weekend.  Spruce is a combo of American and English styles; will have a blocky head like his sire but a sleek, athletic build like his dam. 



MR Glock 


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